20 March, 2018

the macro effect: EOS meets Minolta - part 1.

It's wonderful that you can use your old prime lenses at your modern digital camera. I have some great Minolta lenses that I use with an adapter at my DSLR.
This time I used my Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 1.4/50mm lens at my EOS to shoot some macro pictures @ 1.4.

10 March, 2018

some instagram pictures... part 18.

Lost in wood.
Into the water.
At the beach without sand.
Rosenmontagszug in Kölle.
More of my Instagram pictures...Check out my account here!

17 February, 2018

flowers in two seasons.

Last year in summer I had the idea to shoot flowers in summer and in winter on the same film.
In July I used my Nikon F-601 and the big Tamron AF 3.8-5.6/28-200mm Aspherical zoom lens in combination with the Tamron Close-Up Adaptor Lens, which is specially made for this lens, to shoot a Kodak Farbwelt 400 film.
I made some macro pictures from flourishing flowers.
Now in February I used the film to photograph flowers, plants, a statue and a person in the snow with the Hanimex Amphibian.
I created some cool double exposures, as you cann see here:

10 February, 2018

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. The exhibition.

After three group exhibitions in 2010, 2012 and 2014, I finally made it to a solo exhibition at the Museu de Arte de Blumenau (MAB) in Blumenau, Brazil.

Source: Fundação Cultural de Blumenau
Source: Fundação Cultural de Blumenau
I'll show my concept Caçando almas (Hunting for souls), which is a part of the 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project.

09 February, 2018

Water everywhere. part 2.

Once more pictures of the flood in Cologne. The last time I used a Canon and an Orwo film, this time I used a Pentax K1000 with a Sigma 4-5.6/55-200mm and a Kodak BW400CN, expired since 01/2006.